Roraima, Venezuela

Exploring the 'Tepuis' of southeastern Venezuela is a must for anyone interested in unusual landscapes or the unique flora which thrives in this area. These rocky, almost vertically ascending, flat-topped mountains are specific to this area and support almost 1000 species of plant life found only on the tepuis. Roraima is the favourite tepuis amongst travellers as the climb is challenging but not technical.

Being one of the highest at 2700m, this trek gives a good taste of this this incredible landscape and spectacular views over the surrounding area including a glimpse into Brazil and Guayana as Roraima sits on the triangle and is shared by these three countries.

Visiting this bizarrely beautiful landscape and exploring it's glistening rock pools, misty valleys and unusual rock formations complete with perfectly formed crystals is an amazing experience and although it is possible to 'go it alone' a guide is certainly recommended. Finding some of the hidden beauties and in fact Roraima's highlights can be difficult and disorientating when you don't know where to look and without volumes on geology and botany specific to this area, you probably won't get quite the same insight or appreciation as you would with a guide.
Posada Michelle
Calle Urdaneta
Puerto Libre
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Photos & Report by: Araguato Expeditions
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