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Despite it's unfortunate past and tarnished international reputation, Colombia is growing safer by the day and for the first time in decades, travellers are beginning venture over the borders to see what treasures lie behind the country's damaged image.

From the pristine Caribbean coastline to hidden cities left by ancient civilizations, Colombia is rich in diversity. Within the same country lie dramatic Andean peaks and ferocious rivers, colonial towns and primary rainforest. From the virgin shores of the Pacific to the lush green Amazon basin, there's every reason to visit!

Having suffered civil war after civil war for over a century, Colombians are experiencing their first taste of a long-awaited peace. Left-wing guerilla demonstrations are lessening and negotiations are underway with the right-wing Paramilitary. As such, there has never been a safer time to travel in Colombia and tourism is really beginning to open up.

Having been relatively inaccessible to tourists for such a long time, much of Colombia has remained untouched by tourism, as such much of it's genuine culture and natural beauty have been retained and the locals are possibly the friendliest you'll ever meet!
The result of such a period of instability has of course taken it's toll on the country and there are still areas where officials recommend travellers avoid. As one of the countries with less of a developed tourism infrastructure, travelling independently is possibly not as easy as in countries further south. With a knowledge of the language, a sense of adventure and an open mind, a visit to Colombia could turn out to be the trip of a lifetime!

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