Estancia YvY Tuitaty, Tacuarembo, Uruguay

Yvytu Itaty is one of the many traditional 'estancias' in Uruguay. It is run by friendly couple Pedro and Nahir. Pedro took over the farm from his parents and because life on a traditional farm nowadays isnīt easy, they also invite tourists to come and experience the real lifestyle of the 'Gauchos'. It is nothing like the life of Western famers, everything is homemade and all the work is done by hand, or using horses and dogs.

The great thing about Estancia Yvytu Itaty is that it isnīt a tourist attraction. Pedro and Nahir want you to experience the life of a 'Gaucho' and therefore they live their life like they have always done but with visitors now and then. They donīt have electricity other than that which is provided by a small solar panel.
Some of the activities you can participate in include the milking of the cows, herding the cows, sheep and horses on their 369 ha land and during the season you can help shearing the sheep. However if you just want to have a quiet relaxing experience after spending noisy days in the big city this is also the place to be. Nothing is obliged. You can simply read a book in their beautifull garden, help Nahir with cooking or making cheese and yoghurt or go for long walks in the surrounding meadows. Next to that thereīs some great birdlife in the area and at night there are amazing views of the stars.

The Estancia can host a maximum number of 6 people. Thereīs one double room and one room with 4 beds with private bathroom.

A one night stay at the Estancia costs 1900 pesos Uruguayos per person. If there are 2 or more people, the price drops to 1700 Pesos This includes all meals; breakfast, lunch, snack and diner.

It is recommended though to stay for several nights as you can experience more and justify the long journey to get there.
How to get there...
There are no regular buses and getting the estancia involves driving for an hour through open meadows. As such transport can be arranged through Estancia Yvytu Itaty and costs 1200 Pesos roundtrip no mater how many passengers there are.
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Report & Photos by: Katinka Jeurissen
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