Via Via Hostel, Leon, Nicaragua

If you are looking for a multicultural ambiance, a place where you can eat typical Nicaraguan dishes and improve your Spanish while listening to Latin music... Via Via is the place for you.

The successful Belgian bar and hostelling formula is focussed on creating mutual cultural understanding and awareness between tourists and the hosting country. As such, Via Via profiles itself as a Nicaraguan colonial hostel that is partly owned by foreigners.

Staying in the hostel will be an overall learning experience. Tours and special cultural courses are being offered in the hostel. Do NOT miss their infamous Friday night concerts!! '
Via Via Hostel offers Dorm beds from $6 per person. A double room with private bathroom costs $18.

The hostel is open for new guests from 8AM to 11.30 PM, but residing guests can enter 24 hours a day.

The hostel has a bar and restaurant where guests can eat or drink.

There is a book exchange (free of charge for hostel guests, additional fee for bar and restaurant clients) and a Laundry service available (85 Cordoba per load).The dorms have lockers.

The hostel offers workshops (e.g. Salsa, Indian cooking, Spanish courses). Tours are also offered in the hostel.

Close to a big supermarket and the cinema.

The friendly and knowledgable staff are at your service and can supply tourist information, if needed.

The hostel takes reservations one week in advance and only after the hostel has received a second confirmation.
How to get there...
From the bus terminal:
By bus: Take a Ruta bus (3 cordoba) from the busterminal and ask it to drop you off at VIA VIA hostel

By taxi: Take a taxi from the busterminal (12 cordoba p.p. in daytime, 15 p.p. at night)

From the airport:
Closest airport is in Managua. Take a taxi to the busteminal at the westend of the city (Mercado Israel Lewiti), where you can get to Leon within 2 hours for 40 Cordobas.
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Report & Photos by: Kim Schregardus & Mark Hommerson
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