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This Yoga center is run by Juan, who trained for more than 7 years, 3.5 years in the Agama yoga school, 2 years throughout India, Thailand and Japan with other schools and traditions, and almost two years around South America, before returning to his homeland Colombia to open South America's first and only Agama Yoga School. Juan trained under Swamiji Vivekananda Saraswati, the unique Tantra, Yoga, and meditation master teacher. As well as Juan, there are also a number of other yoga teachers.

Juan is now translating all the Agama course materials of the First, second and third month of Agama yoga from English into Spanish, as well as some traditional texts. He is giving Spanish- and english weekend Yoga workshops of introduction to Yoga in Colombia and he hopes later to bring these teachings to other Spanish-speaking areas and communities.

During the last two years, for short period of time Juan visited esoteric communities in South America, such as Doctrine of the Santo Daime in the middle of the Brazilian Amazon jungle, shamans near the frontier with Peru and ecuador, Doctrine of the Taos in the Andes mountains of Colombia, among others, learning new techniques that synchronize with Yoga.

At the moment Juan is complementing his studies with Shamanism and he keeps running the center of Agama yoga Colombia.
How to get there...
From the bus terminal: Take a taxi from the bus terminal, which will cost around $3,500. Otherwise, the local bus heading to Aquitania runs straight past the finca, keep a look out for the finca´s yellow archway.
Main courses offered from 1 day to 3 months:
- Weekend 'taster' of the First month of Agama Yoga
- The First month of Agama Yoga
- Tantra 1 which looks at the sexual aspect of Tantra Yoga

One-day immersion workshops:
• Action (an introduction to Karma Yoga)
• Deep Relaxation
• What Is Yoga?
• How Does Yoga Work?
• Meditation with Music
• Others

Juan is very flexible in terms of designing classes that suit your schedule and yoga experience, beginners are more than welcome! Please email for prices.

Report & Photos by: Kate Dombkins and James Marsden
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Finca San Pedro
Kms. 2 via Aquitania
312 567 7102
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