Past Writers...

Andrew and Chloe both hail from Devon in the South West of England. Having studied Modern Languages, Fine Art and Photography, they have embarked upon a 7-month journey through the Americas; beginning in Seattle in November 2009, travelling through Central and South America and finishing in Buenos Aires in July 2010.

Through their previous travel experiences in Europe, Russia and Asia, they realised there was a need for more information for budget-minded travellers, in particular access to smaller, independent businesses. Therefore writing for HostelTrail not only combines their interests in language and photography, it gives them an ideal opportunity to help others following in their footsteps.

Rosie and Ryan are both from Devon, England and are about to embark on a trip from Panama through Central America to Mexico City. Having benefited from personal recommendations and advice of fellow travellers the pair thought it was about time they shared some thier own tips via the HostelTrail site!

Before coming to South and Central America the couple spent time travelling around Europe, North Africa and India and the aim for the last few years has been to get Latin America. Always keen to explore the outdoors and get involved in adventure activities, Rosie and Ryan plan to hike, bike and chicken-bus their way through Central America!

Katinka is an eager budget traveller from Holland who, after graduating from university, has explored the sights of South-East Asia, Oceania and Central America and has now begun her journey through the South American content. She plans to spend several months here helping to improve the Southern sections of

Daphne is an Italian student in Communication and Marketing, with a passion for backpacking, foreign languages, and writing. She has been an exchange student in the USA, Mexico, Denmark, France, and has volunteered in several European organisations. Taking a break just before graduating to discover South America, she looks forward to contributing to HostelTrail as she travels from Buenos Aires to "the end of the world".

Louis and Amy were born to explore.  Fate brought them together and destiny is set to launch them into Central America carrying the Hosteltrail mission with them.  Heralding from the South-west of England and Wales respectively, the recent graduates of Politics and Geography, have put their Bristol lives on hold in favour of travelling Latin America. 

The couple began their journey in Brazil and after a three month break working in a Buenos Aires hostel, they have been on the road since working their way up to Colombia and now onto Central America.

Film publicist Kate and languages teacher Seth already had a taste for travel before leaving England, having spent extensive amounts of time in China, Saudi Arabia and much of Europe. A five minute chat confirmed that they were both eager to give up everything to spend a year exploring Latin America and improving their languages. A journey that started with a slight detour to French Polynesia and New Zealand will make its way North through the Americas to finish in Mexico. The couple have kindly offered to help with improving the Brazil, Argentina and Mexico sections of

ince a two-week vacation to Peru following her graduation from university in Canada, Emily has felt drawn back to Latin America. An online job gave her just the chance she needed, and she plans to travel through Central and South America, learning Spanish and improving her writing. A believer in both budget travel and the value of good information, she looks forward to both contributing to and using the HostelTrail site.

Hanneke and Roy are a Dutch couple who spent the last few years living in Munich. They both gave up their jobs and home to spend their 12-month honeymoon travelling through Latin America. Hanneke is an epidemiologist who grew up on Curaçao and studied in the Netherlands and Spain. Roy is a consultant & product manager who studied Business Administration and for the past eight years has worked in the UK and Germany.

Hanneke & Roy have kindly offered to share the tales of their journey from Guatemala to Patagonia with HostelTrail.

Dominic and Alex, both 31, hail from Brighton in the UK and are pursuing their dream to explore Latin America for a year. Both are language graduates and have travelled extensively for pleasure and with their jobs in the UK travel industry.

With their combined experience in languages, sales and editing both make a welcome addition to the HostelTrail team.

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Meike and Werner are a Dutch couple who gave up their life in Holland to travel from Mexico to Patagonia in 10 months. Back in Holland Werner studied Commercial Economics and Meike studied Communication, Information Sciences and Photography. During their trip, the pair also took photos and wrote articles for a travel website about Argentina as well as helping out with the addition of many new hostels and tour companies in Brazil.

Taking a break from the day-to-day routine and university lecture rooms in Frankfurt, Vicky and Till have decided to travel South America for a year. Till found himself infected with the traveller's bug on his very first journey through Latin America - Vicky picked up something similar in India! Vicky currently holds a diploma in Social Work and Till is coming to the end of his course in American Studies, Spanish and History. Both of these intrepid travellers relish the opportunity to improve their Spanish as well gain more experience in the travel journalism field.

Sonja and Jan decided to start their joint exploration of the South American cultures in Quito, Ecuador. To do so Sonja, a graphic and web designer from Canada, gave up her steady home-base to join Jan, a general manager from Holland, on the latest of his extensive travels through different parts of the world. Their intention is to learn as much as possible from each other but foremost from all the cultures they encounter on their happy travels. They believe that the best way to experience another culture is to travel low budget and get out on the street as much as possible to meet local people. Their view on life: be positive, enjoy whatever you're doing and respect others.

Kate and James are both from Sydney, Australia and took the decision to pack up their day jobs in exchange for 18 months of travel through Central & South America. Starting their trip in Guatemala in May 2008 they have rough plans to end it sometime around August 2009 in Buenos Aires.

Back in Australia, James works as an Engineer and Kate is involved in the tourism industry. With such a great trip ahead of them, we're delighted to hear that they have offered their services to expanding the HostelTrail Network.

On New Year’s Eve, 2007, Kate and Rob began their current 14-month journey in Cairo, and have since travelled through parts of the Middle East, Asia and South America. Having both visited South America before, this time they plan to improve their Spanish, do some volunteering and chronicle their travels on their website.

Back home in Austin, Texas, Kate is a social worker and Rob is a freelance writer and they plan to take their explorer’s spirit and sense of adventure back to their regular lives next year.
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Luke and Jana are a British/German couple who met in Nicaragua in 2002. Their shared passion for travel remained a priority through several years saving and studying in England while Jana completed her photography degree. Luke is a web developer and writer and Jana is a professional photographer, a perfect team for travel blogging. The pair are now realising their dream to leave the UK for good and embark on a grand travel odyssey in Latin America. They plan to put their experiences to good use when they return to Europe and open a hostel of their own in Spain.

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Ali Cartwright is a Primary School Teacher and Ed Edgington is an Engineer and Business Analyst both from the UK who decided to sell their cars, house and all their worldly possessions and travel the world for 2 years.

During their trip they have travelled to China, Mongolia, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, North America, Europe and South America and have experienced budget travelling to the full. Both are strong believers in good information for travellers in order to gain the greatest experience and as such will be helping HostelTrail to update the Central America section.

Carlos Esteban is a Spanish biochemist currently based in London. Carlos has helped Hosteltrail a great deal by translating much of the Venezuela section.

Brad Sedal is a well-travelled Kiwi who has visited many of the top sights in South America and kindly agreed to share his travels with

Roberto Ferraris is a Italian traveller with a particular love for Argentina. He helped us improve our Argentina section by contributing tips and photos.

Francisco Talavera was born in Mexico and raised in the United States. As he travelled through Central and South America, he was able to give us a unique insight into the continent!

Matthew & Nina Horn are a young married couple from Oregon who helped hosteltrail tremendously by adding to the Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia sections of the site.

Levi Bridges from the US state of Maine has been fascinated with Latin America since his first trip at age 18. Levi lent a hand with some of the Venezuela section as well as parts of Mexico too.

Gill Sassi is a personal trainer from London who passed through our doors in 2008 and offered his services in updating the Colombia section of the website.

James and Steph are a couple of Londoners with a passion for travel. During their 7 month trip they helped us add dozens of new hostels to the website.
Catherine Baker is a Londoner who has travelled extensively in Africa, Thailand and Australia and has helped us in our preparation for the new Central America section.

Nara Vidal is a native Brazilian currently living in London. Having travelled extensively in Brazil, Nara kindly offered her knowledge on travelling there.

Brett Moreton, a Manchester University graduate and passionate rugby fan helped us with our Brazil and Argentina section during his 3 month trip to South America.

John Wulkan was born in the US but spent a great deal of time in Ecuador. As such, he was able to assist us with translations as well as contributing miscellaneous information.

Richard McColl is a freelance writer from London who now owns a backpacker hostel in Mompox, Colombia. Richard has helped out with some of the more adventurous destinations.

Caston Richards is a young Canadian traveller who took his first steps in Latin America in 2007 and kindly helped out HostelTrail in the early days of our Central America section.

Sandra del Castillo is a Colombia lawyer who helped us a great deal in translating much of the Colombia section of HostelTrail.

Mark and Kim are two Dutch experts in budget travel who created the barebones of the Central America Section for HostelTrail.