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Exploracion Colombia Guides in San Gil is a professional tour company specialising in a wide range of adventure sports and activities. Owner Mario Angarita has nearly a decade worth of experience in the industry and he himself leads many of his companies expeditions in and around San Gil.

From paragliding, to white water rafting, to canyoning and caving, Exploracion has it all and won`t dissapoint.
Typical excursions include white water rafting on River Fonce and River Chicamocha. There are various grades of rapids on different parts of the rivers. For slightly nervous first timers it might be worth trying the relatively calm class III rapids on the Fonce to get a taste for the action before going for the wild class IV rapids. However, providing you´re brave enough and a reasonably competent swimmer, anyone can bite the bullet and quite literally get thrown in at the deep end!
Exploracion also offer some spectacular 3 and 4 day rafting excursions in the Chicamocha Canyon. All food is included and sleeping will be either in tents or hammocks which are also included. Contact Exploracion in good time befote you arrive in San Gil to book this type of excursión. Its sure to be an incredible few days and trips get booked up in advance.
If heights is your thing then, then why not strap a big parachute to your back and run off a cliff and sail around in the sky for a while. Exploracion offer Paragliding from some stunning points around San Gil. Flights are tandem with fully qualified instructors.
Rapelling is another one of the most pòpular activites in the area. There are some beautiful waterfalls which you can abseil down while feeling the full force of the water rushing past - not to be missed!
For fans of tight spaces, Caving trips can be organised. There are many caves to be explored in and around San Gil and climbing through the caves makes for great fun (providing you´re not clostrophobic!).
Guided treks taking in some of the area's most beautiful sights can be arranged through Exploracion Colombia Guides.
Horse Riding
Why not make the most of the area's country trails on horse back with an experienced an informative guide.
Paint Ball
Grab a few other travellers and head out the feilds for an energetic game of paint ball!
How to get there...
From the bus terminal, a taxi should cost no more than 2800 pesos.
If walking from the main plaza in San Gil. Walk three blocks to Calle 9 and turn right. From there its 3 blocks down hill to the office.

Contact Info...
Calle 8 No 10 38
San Gil
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