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Expotur Eco is a tour company that is a member of the ‘Asoteyuna Asociacion de Turismo Sostenible Comunitaro’. This association joins people from rural communities and helps the lives of locals by providing jobs for those who in the past surrounded by violence and the cultivation of illegal crops. Owned and managed by Fernando Salas and his son David Salas, in 2008 they formed Expotur Eco and began organizing a multitude of tours.
Their principal tour is the Ciudad Perdida Trek which is the trek to conquer if you want to truly earn some amazing photo opportunities to add to your slideshow of Colombia. You can reach this amazing place by foot on your 4 night/5 day or 5 night/6 day adventure. Be sure to arrange the number of days you want the trek to be when you book your tour.
Lost City Trek (6 Days)
DAY 1: On the first day you'll be whisked away for a bumpy 2 hour drive by 4x4 to the small countryside town of Mamey. After a gargantuan lunch, you set off for a hike taking an estimated 3 hours to reach your first sleeping area. The overall climb on the first day is about 520 metres with regular snack breaks and a hearty meal by candlelight when you reach your destination.

DAY 2: The second day is a hike of 4 hours to your next sleeping area passing an indigenous village. Again, you are properly fed and gorged with fresh fruit along the way. Getting to where you are staying early, you will have plenty of time to relax and get acquainted with tour fellow hikers or take a swim at the nearby river, read a book or daydream as the water rushes by.

DAY 3: This is the most challenging day of the trek. Finishing the five hour hike, climbing an estimated 660 meters higher than you started after a roller coaster of hills and a multitude of river crossings, the final stretch to Ciudad Perdida, forces you to put your legs to work as you slowly make your way to the top, one step at a time climbing up the 1200 awkwardly shaped steps. Reaching the top, you are clearly reminded on why you set out to see the Lost City. Here you will have magnificent views overlooking the dense jungle and rugged terrain, enjoying the sight so few get the opportunity to see, making the moment even more special.

DAYS 4, 5 & 6: Exploring the Lost City for about 2 hours you will get a better understanding on how large and spectacular it really is. When finished, you will need to backtrack and complete what distance you covered in the first 3 days in either 2 or 3 days depending on what length trek you chose prior to starting.

If you signed up for the 5 day trek you will be heading home on the fifth day after making it back to the small town of Mamey before continuing back to Santa Marta or Taganga. If it was the 6 day trek you signed up for you have a short but demanding day of hiking on the fifth day bringing you back to the house where you stayed on the first day of the trek. There is the option to take a detour and visit a river with a rock face that towers about 7 meters over the water. You can also visit a nearby waterfall and a refreshing natural pool of water that is only 20 minutes away. On the final day you'll trek back to Mamey and catch your lift back to Santa Marta or Taganga.
Other Tours
Minca in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: If you need take a break from the heat and beaches of Santa Marta, Minca might be a smart choice. It is a small town in the rainforest of the Sierra Nevada located about 30 minutes away from Santa Marta.

The tour leaves from Taganga at 9 am and on this tour you will be able to relax at several natural pools, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, visit a coffee farm and spend some time at two waterfalls towering 25 and 30 meters where it is possible to take a refreshing shower. Cost: 45,000 pesos. This includes transportation, entrance fees, lunch, snacks, and travel insurance for one day.

Concha Bay: This is a large beautiful beach located in Tayrona park with its golden sand and crystalline blue sea with reefs to enjoy snorkeling. The tour leaves from Taganga at 9:00 am taking about 25 minutes by car to get there. The tour includes: Transportation, entrance fees to the park, hammocks, snorkeling equipment (flippers and a mask) and snacks. Cost: 30,000 pesos
What to Take...
• Small or medium backpack
• Sneakers or boots
• Personal things. (Medicines, toothbrush, etc.)
• Jacket or coat
• Sleeping bag (optional)
• T-shirts. (2 for sleeping, 2 for walking)
• Socks
• Long pants for sleeping and a pair of shorts or pants for
• Flip flops for when you get to the cabin for resting
• Mosquito repellent and sunscreen
• bottle of water
• Camera
• Flashlight
• Swimsuit or shorts
• Sunscreen
• Plastic bags

Contact Info...
Calle 18 No. 2A-07, Taganga
Calle 17 No. 2-59 (Santa Marta)
+57 5 4219577
311 418 2706
5 4207739 (S.Marta)
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