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Extremo Tours offers one of the newest canopy adventure trails in Monteverde.
A canopy tour enables guests to admire the picturesque views of the forest whilst experiencing the adrenalin buzz of whizzing along zip lines at extreme heights of up to 180 metre above ground. What makes Extremo stand out from the other canopy tours in Monteverde is their 1 kilometre long piece de resistance 'Superman' zip line where participants truly get to feel like they are flying above the forest canopy.
Canopy Tour
The canopy tour costs $40 and lasts for a total of 2 and half to 3 hours. Tours commence at 8am, 11am and 2pm. The company minibus runs a free hotel pick-up collection service half an hour prior to start time. The tour includes a drink. Upon arrival at the centre all guests are geared out in safe and modern equipment consisting of harness with safety line, a helmet and a pair of leather-padded gloves used for braking and steadying oneself. All gear is fitted on each person by trained and experienced staff. Next directions and safety instructions are presented to the group by a guide on a mock zip line. Here they make sure all guests know exactly what they are doing before the canopy tour commences. The trail comprises 24 platforms and 15 cables, 5 of which are incredibly long: 467m, 425m, 600m, 750m and ultimately the 1 km cable, as well as a 30 metre vertical Rappel and a Tarzan Swing. There are numerous members of staff on each and every tour who are situated on platforms at both ends of the cable so that there is a guide to attach the harness safely in place on the zip wire and a guide to help with landing at the other end. The Tarzan Swing enables you to free-fall a few metres before the harness safely lifts you into a relaxing swooping swing of up to 50 metres high amongst the trees. The grand finale is the Supercable which stretches the distance of 1 kilometre, at a height of 180 metres, the highest and longest zip line in Monteverde. Here guests have the opportunity to be attached face down and gain the best possible views of the scenery below whilst flying like Superman through the sky! On clear days you will have a stunning view of Volcan Arenal, the Pacific Ocean in the Nicoya Gulf and the Guanacaste area in the North of the country.
Other Tours
Canyoning consists of rappelling and absailing down waterfalls and canyon faces with short hikes in between. The highest waterfall reaches 40 metres. Tour costs $70.
Extremo also offer horse riding tours in the Monteverde area where guests ride through the vast forest which is home to a number of coffee and banana plantations, numerous other cultivated areas and farmlands. Tour costs $30.
How to get there...
Extremo Canopy is located 2.8 miles from the town of Santa Elena, Monteverde.

Tours can be booked online, over the phone or at most booking agencies in Santa Elena.

Report & Photos by: Andrew Bodgin & Chloe Baylis
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