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Indiana tours was set up 2.5 years ago with the mission of providing a unique eco friendly way to experience the stunning Pantanal area. It is the most economical way to organise trips if you are arriving from Bolivia, saving both time and money as there is no need to travel to Campo Grande.

Daniel and Claudine will ensure you enjoy your experience and can assist in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

As well as arranging your Pantanal tour, the team at Indiana are happy to give you independent information about bus or train tickets plus free maps of the local area if you plan on staying a night in Corumba.
3 Nights - 320RS Camping, 370Rs Dorm, 450Rs Room 2 Nights - 290Rs Camping, 330Rs Dorm, 400Rs Room
The tour begins at the park entrance where a 45 minute jeep ride allows you to take in the scenery and spot tropical birds, caymen and if lucky, otters. The group will be brought to the Santa Clara Lodge to begin their Pantanal experience. During meal times, youŽll be given your plan for the part of your tour. The activities are well organised and run on a rotational basis. This means that you get to do the activities listed below with the order depending upon your day of arrival. The day's activities always start early with 6.30am start and a 7.30am departure. There is always a 2.5 hour break from the midday heat when guests can make the most of the camp facilities. The maximum group size is 10 people, although on some excursions, more than one group may be present. The tour includes all transport, guides, food, activities and equipment. There is another tour available for the outdoor adventure seeker, including some of the activities listed but with two nights camping out in the Pantanal! You sleep in tents, cook on an open fire and catch much of your food. Ask Indiana Tours about prices and availability of this tour.
How to get there...
The office for Indiana Tours is ideally located inside the bus terminal in Corumba and directly opposite where you need to get your immigration stamp for Brazil.

On the morning of the last day the tour ends before the 1.30pm departure time. The team can assist you with information on your onward journey and often run a mini bus to Campo Grande, where you can pick up connections to most major places in Brazil.
The Lodge ...
Indiana Tours use the same lodge as Ecological Expeditions, Santa Clara Lodge. On arrival, the team will show you to your hammock or tent which are provided as accommodation. The hammocks are located upstairs offering excellent views and the chance to fall asleep to the sound of frogs, birds and howler monkeys.

Downstairs there is a seated dining area, a pool table, football pitch, volleyball court, bar, TV and sofa plus 2 communal hammock areas ideal for relaxing after your journey.

Meals are served at the camp and the food is consistently good, hearty and plentiful.

Accommodation is generally in tents or hammocks but for those wishing for more comfort, it is also possible to upgrade to a room or dorm bed in a nearby brick house complete with swimming pool.
Country walks taking in the spectacular scenery and with the chance to see monkeys, parrots and wild deer.

Jeep Safaris present the chance to see armadillos, caymen, raccoons, monkeys, wild pigs, capybara and deer. With extra luck, it may be possible to spot a jaguar, anaconda or giant ant eater.

Boat tours allow the chance to see the wildlife in and around the rivers. There are many exotic birds including toucans and the jabiru stork - Brazil's largest flying bird. This trip includes a swim with Piranhas for those who wish and a search for otters and caymen.

Horse trekking takes in some of the areas nicest scenery and is suitable for all levels of ability. The horses are in a good condition.

Piranha fishing is another activity offered, where you wade out into the river with a bamboo rod and pieces of beef to catch, kill, prepare and cook a fish for lunch. Nothing is wasted however as the left-overs are fed to the awaiting Caymen!

Report & Photos by: James Speller & Stephanie Crosland
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Terminal Rodouirria, Rua Porte, Carreiro
00750, Box 16, Centro Cep,
79301 - 100, Corumba
67 3232 1831
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