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Machalilla Tours is one of the oldest, and very possibly one of the most enthusiastic companies found in Puerto López who can help you discover the beauty of Isla de la Plata, as well as other areas surrounding Parque Nacional Machalilla. Managed by Fausto Choez, Machalilla Tours has been leading tours for over 13 years.

Among the services provided by Machalilla tours are: Fishing tours, Snorkling tours, Isla de la Plata tour, bicycle and kayak rentals, multi-day treks through the nearby forests, as well as horseback riding.
Machalilla Tour Details
Isla de la Plata 1 day with park fee
For a beautiful tour to the Isla de la Plata including an opportunity for whale watching, this is a great option. The tremendous Humpback whale frequents this area roughly between June and September, and during this tour there is a good chance to see them playing, interacting, and just living, which is often exhibited by beautiful and enormous jumps in the air. Also, on the Island itself are many species of exotic birds including the Blue-footed Boobie, the Tropical, and the Albetros (in February and March). Before returning to Puerto López, there is also some time for snorkling around the island where even more submarine wildlife can be found. Snacks and lunch is included. Departure is at 9:15am, and the tour returns around 5:30pm.
Fishing Tour 1 day (3 people minimum)
This is a four hour tour. The skilled guides will track down some of the best seasonal catches.
Horse Tour 1 day
This tour extends between Puerto Rico and Ayampe, and takes about 4 hours.
Trekking Tour 1 day or several
Treking Tour, cost: $30 single day tour, $35 each day of multi-day tour The knowlegable guide will lead you through forest trails where there is an abundace of plant and wildlife to experience. The guide will also allow you to taste a variety of jungle fruits that will be encountered along the way. The single day tour can last between 4-6 hours depending on the desires of the group. Lunch is included.
Kayak Tour 4-6 hours
A tour with a guide will take you along the shores of Puerto López to enjoy the tranquil sea and scenery of this area. Equipment for snorkling is brought along for inviting coves. This tour last 4-5 hours, and includes a snack.
Rental Costs
Bicycles - $5/day Kayak - $5/hour
How to get there...
Machallila tours is not hard to locate. Head along the waterfront and you'll soon stumble across their office.

Report & Photography by: Nina & Matthew Horn
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Ave. Malecón Julio Izurietae
Puerto Lopez
(05) 230 0234
09 492 5960
09 610 9185
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