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Magic Tour Taganga is a tour agency operating from Taganga and offering a great selection of excursions including the famous Ciudad Perdida Trek. With a carefully selected group of local guides who know the region and it´s inhabitants well, travellers can be sure that they are in good hands.

Magic Tours is part of ASOTEYUNA, an association which works to protect the well being and conservation of countryside and indigenous communities as well as the natural environment.
Ciudad Perdida (Lost City)
This 5/6 day tour is considered one of the highlights of any trip to Colombia and Magic Tour aim to offer travellers a once in a lifetime opportunity. Guaranteeing limited group sizes, good food and accommodation in hammocks, Magic Tour are a good choice for anyone looking to book the Ciudad Perdida Trek with a responsable and reliable agency. The Lost City tour costs 600,000 Pesos per person all inclusive.
Bahia Concha
40,000 COP
Collected from your hotel, the tour takes the coastal route through an area called Palanga along a track for around 45minutes, arriving at a beautiful view point called ‘Mirador de las Siete Olas'. Here you can take photos of the striking coastal views before continuing to Neguanje, where you catch the boat to Playa Cristal. This is a beautiful white sandy beach with clear waters where you can snorkel. At 4pm, the tour returns you to your hotel.
180,000 Ps
Leaving at 6am, the tour takes the coastal route in sector Calabazo where you continue on foot. You travel for 3 hours through spectacular scenery with views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, passing typical farming communities. Arriving in Archeological zone ‘Pueblito' the tour visits the site constructed over 1000 years ago by the tayronan people which is now inhabited by their ancestors, the Cogui tribe. Around an hour and a half is spent exploring the ruins with your guide after which, you make your way to El Cabo San Juan where there is a beautiful beach to relax on. Later you take a short walk visiting several pristine beaches of the National Park and return to your hotel by truck in the late afternoon.
Playa Brava- Pueblito -Cabo San Juan Del Guía
280,000 ps
Leaving the hotel at 6am the tour makes its way to Calabazo were you begin a 2 hour trek in the hills to arrive at the beautiful palm beach, Playa Brava. This is an area which is visited by fewer people and is therefore more peaceful. There is also a beautiful waterfall and cabins where you spend the night. The following day, you trek a further 2 hours to visit Pueblito, a 1000 year old Tayronan town of archeological interest. Later, you also visit several of the nearby pristine beaches and return to the hotel late afternoon.
Cañaveral - Arrecifes - Cabo San Juan Del Guía 60,000 Pesos (Colombians) 80,000 Pesos (Foreigners)
Leaving the hotel at 9.30am, taking the coastal route for one hour, we arrive in Parqueadero de Cañaveral and it's another 45 minutes on a forest walk, passing Arrecifes and continuing along the coast before arriving in ‘La Piscina', where you can take a swim. Later, a short walk takes you to Cabo San Juan del Guía where you can relax for the rest of the afternoon before leaving at 4.30pm to meet the returning car at 6pm
Cascadas de Quebrada Valencia y Buritaca
50,000 Pes
Leaving at 9.30am the tour takes the coastal route for one hour followed by a 20 minute walk through the diverse flora and fauna of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to see the waterfalls and enjoy bathing in them. Later you take a 20 minute drive to Buritaca where you can discover the mouth of the river and take lunch and spend the afternoon at the seaside. The tour returns to the hotel in late afternoon.
80,000 Pes
Only on one hour from Santa Marta you can find a beautiful place where coffee grows and some of the most exotic and sought after flowers in the world grow. Later, you can enjoy the pleasant temperature of 20 degrees centigrade in Minca which has an altitude of 600m and is in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The tour involves some trekking, visiting waterfalls, a visit to a coffee farm, bird watching, a tour of the village and a tasty lunch.
Santa Elena - Pesos 3 days / 2 nights
Santa Elena is a eco-turistic farm situated at 2,200m with views over the Sierra Nevada peaks. It´s an all inclusive tour involving trekking, coffee farm visits, all food and accommodation, a visit to the local Wimake tribal village and a swim in a fresh water pool below a 50m waterfall.

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