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Paramo Santander Extremo is a professional adventure tour company specialising in caving and rappelling expeditions from the village of Paramo, 30 minutes by bus from San Gil. With seven qualified and competent guides, Paramo offer a friendly and responsible tour service, making the most of the areas natural features in adventure activities. Many of the tour companies based in San Gil work directly with Paramo for their skilled caving and rappelling guides and excellent equipment - so why not go straight to the experts!
Enter the underground world of Cueva del Indio on a zip-slide and explore this fascinating cave complete with bats, spiders and spectacular rock formations. Crawl through tunnels , swim through caverns and jump from a 5 metre high ledge into the the darkness to land in an underground pool!
All the thrill of abseiling with a waterfall thrown in! Make your vertical descent of 75 metres along side the magnificent Cascada de Juan Curi
Enjoy the unforgettable experience of abseiling amongst some of the regions finest scenery. Enjoy the view as you descend 85 metres!
$ 25,000
Ride the rapids on a 10km stretch of the Rio Fonce. This area is well known for having some of the best white-water rafting in Colombia - You won't be disappointed!
$ 5,000
These short treks make for a nice afternoon in the countryside, discovering the waterfalls Cascada de Juan Curi and enjoying the natural beauty of this area.
Horse Riding
For a full day of horse riding in some of the most beautiful parts of the region, try this great activity suitable for all age groups.
How to get there...
From San Gil, take a bus - leaving 15 mins past every hour, to Paramo from the bus stop on the east side of the main bridge (bottom of Calle 10) . The trip takes around 30 minutes, costs around 3,000 Pesos and stops on the main square of Paramo village. Paramo Santander Extremo has its office right on the corner of the square.

Contact Info...
Main Square
30 mins from San Gil
097 725 8944
087 725 8955
311 427 3616 (Cel.)
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