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Turcol are based in Santa Marta and organise various tours in the surrounding area, the most popular of which is the 'Ciudad Perdida Trek'. This is a six or seven day hike through the wilderness of the Tayrona National Park to find the 'Lost City' of the Tayrona civilization. This is an amazing chance to experience not only the incredible natural beauty of the area but also to visit one of Colombia's forgotten treasures.
Tour 6 Days 5 Nights 600,000 Pesos or... 7 days 6 Nights 580,000 Pesos
There are two options, either the six day trek, going and returning by the same route or the circular but more difficult seven day trek. Both tours involve staying in the 'Lost City' and exploring the site, with your guide providing a detailed and informative tour of the ruins. The great majority of your trip however, will be spent hiking from camp to camp, over rough terrain and in fairly difficult conditions. This is a spectacular part of the country with varied jungle, river and mountain scenery and with the chance to see a variety of wildlife including toucans, monkeys and snakes. The trek passes several Indigenous settlements where the tribal groups can be seen living and working by traditional methods.
Ciudad Perdida was discovered in 1975 when looters came across the site and began to sell the treasures of gold, precious stone and ceramics at market. By 1976 the officials had brought the situation under control and the restoration project and investigation began. Although research is ongoing, it's believed that Teyuna - as the city was then known - was constructed around 700AD by the Tayrona civilization. This community of around 3,500 people constructed their mountainside city using sophisticated drainage techniques in building platforms on the slopes connected by a maze of stairways and simple paving. Evidence of their beliefs, customs and way of life can be seen through the town's layout, centred around 'La Piedra del Sapo' a stone symbol representing their animal Gods. The city of Teyuna met its end around the time of colonization when the arrival of the Spanish meant that the Tayrona people's trade route with the coast became blocked. What did make it back to Teyuna instead was disease. Without the antibodies to defend themselves against new illnesses such as syphilis and smallpox, the tribe was almost completely wiped out.
The camps are basic shelters without electricity but all of which have running water and are set amid spectacular jungle scenery. Hammocks, blankets and mosquito nets are provided and your guide and porter rustle up excellent meals in the simple kitchens! There are simple toilets and showers on site and most camps are conveniently close to great swimming spots on the Buritaca river for a refreshing post-hike dip!
As Turcol is the official operator for the Ciudad Perdida trek, you can rest assured that your guide will be a responsible and knowledgeable expert of this area. All guides have years of experience working for Turcol and their absolute priority is your safety and ensuring you get the most out of your trip. These guys have done the trek dozens of times and know the land, the people and the site better than anyone!
Everyone is picked up from Santa Marta by Chiva, this can be arranged to collect you from you hotel or at the Turcol office. The trek begins about two hours drive from Santa Marta in a town called Mamey - from there on, it's all by foot! Porters follow the group carrying supplies on the back of a mule.
What you bring is entirely up to you - just remember that everything you take, you have to carry on your back for six days! Recommended items are: - thin sleeping bag - trainers or hiking shoes - shoes/sandals for resting - 2 pairs of trousers or shorts - 4 t-shirts - 5 pairs of socks - a fleece or jumper - a waterproof jacket - a towel and wash bag - a torch - a water bottle - plenty of insect repellent! - sun screen - any personal medication Be prepared for everything to get wet! It rains frequently and is very damp at night. Shoes will never stay dry - there are river crossings and very muddy patches!

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